How do you make Star Trees / Item Trees?

Last Updated: August 5th, 2020

ACNH Update 1.4.1 removed Star Trees

You can no longer create Star / Item Trees post 1.4.1.

I will leave this page up for people who don't want to update quite yet, but be aware, none of this will work if you update to 1.4.1.

Pre-1.4.1 update content starts here

Great question! Let's start with explaining what a "Star Tree" is.

A Star Tree (or Item Tree) is a hacked Money Tree, swapping the Bell bags out for Star Fragments or other items such as Heart Crystals or Nook Miles Tickets.

Because it is a Money Tree at heart, once the tree is shaken, the items fall off and do not grow back. Fruit Trees do not work in the same way as Money Trees, and thus cannot be edited into Star Trees.

Star Trees - Click to enlarge

Now that we got that out of the way:

NHSE Method of creating Star Trees

Requirements: Steps:
  • Make a backup of the save you extracted with JKSV
  • Create a Money Tree in your Inventory. It must be a Money Tree in order for it to work.
  • The "Count" is the ID of the item you want to place on the tree. It is not limited to Star Fragments, you can place anything on the tree.
  • For the items to actually appear on the tree, the "uses" must be set to 32
To find the ID of an item, you can reference this list arranged by Mopquill. For other languages other than English, the original .json with item names with IDs by imthe666st is here
For NHSE, you must convert these item IDs to decimal Here is a calculator to do so

If you want a Large Star Fragment on the tree, the ID in hex is 1760, so the count you enter should be 5984

Click to enlarge

If you want to place Star Trees in the Field Item editor, you will want to place PltTreeMoney4 instead of just "Money Tree"

Click to enlarge

EdiZon Method of creating Star Trees


The current Build ID for ACNH version 1.3.1 is E43B24AF5D84F44C.

Whenever ACNH has an update, change the Build ID and wait and see if any cheats were broken. Sometimes minor updates don't affect inventory cheats, so changing the file name might be all you have to do.

Items are stored as 8 bytes and they are set up as following:
  • 1 byte for wrapping
  • 1 byte padding
  • 2 bytes item ID
  • 2 bytes durability
  • 2 bytes quantity / custom

Breakdown of an item code (for Slot 1, on version 1.3.1)

Thanks to imthe666st for how EdiZon cheat data is structured for inventory item edits.

  • In place of XXXX, the Item ID for the Money Tree is 114A
  • In place of YYYY, you need the hex ID for the item you want to put in the tree.
    You can reference this list for the proper item ID. For Large Star Fragments, this is 1760
  • In place of ZZ, like in the NHSE method, durability / "uses" will also have to be set. This should be 20 if you want items to sit on the tree.
  • In place of WW, you can wrap the item (like a present) setting WW to one of these numbers, or set it 00 to keep it unwrapped

    Black: 3D
    Blue: 25
    Brown: 35
    Chartreuse: 0D
    Gold: 31
    Gray: 39
    Green: 11
    Light-Blue: 19
    Mint: 15
    Navy: 21
    Orange: 09
    Pink: 05
    Purple: 1D
    Red: 2D
    White: 29
    Yellow: 01
    Balloon Gift (red): 02
    Delivery: 43

    You can add 40 to any value listed above to make the name of the item show even when wrapped and not the name "present".
    For example, to get Navy wrapping paper that shows the name of the item you put 61.

The final result for a Large Star Fragment Tree in Slot 1 of the inventory would be

[Slot 1 Large Star Fragment Tree (for v1.3.1)]
08100000 ABA526A8 00201760 0000114A

For other slots, or adding button triggers, you can use Mopquill's code generator site with the special parameters of the Item Tree in mind to modify any codes.

ACNH Poker Method of creating Star Trees


This GBATemp thread will be more up to date than this site in terms of the variations of ACNH Pokers, so if you want to grab a version that is more recent than the ones listed here, I would check there.

There are several different iterations of ACNH Poker, so I will recommend using the most up to date ones as of writing this (July 3rd, 2020).

All following info on each version is just mirrored from the GBATemp thread mentioned above just listed here in case you don't want to leave the comfort of this website.

MyShiLingStar R9 Features

Download this version here

[Dropbox provided from MyShilingStar on GBATemp, thanks!]

Version R9 supports ACNH version 1.3.0 & 1.3.1 only.

Read, Write, Copy, Delete to the following storage locations:
  • Pockets P1- P4 (up to 40 slots) plus Save/Load, Auto/Manual refresh for these items.
  • Home Storage P1 (up to 1600 slots) @forsalebypwner
  • Recycle Chest (up to 80 slots) @forsalebypwner
  • Reaction Wheel (8 slots) @Wolfling
  • Save format is .nhi for compatibility with NHSE within it's own subfolder
Network connect/disconnect:
  • Display Island Name on connection @FabioCapela
  • read contents of Pockets
  • Auto save IP address

Separate modes to handle Items (8000+), Recipes (595) & Flowers (fully watered)
Spawn variations, slots 21-30 using quantit 0-9, used for variants where quantity may determine colour
Hex/Decimal mode for manual item override / input (use at your own risk)

Clear / Spawn all
Keys: [F1] Delete [F2] or [INS] Insert [F3] Copy
Mouse: Right click Delete, Copy or Wrap an item

Turnip Sell Prices Mon-Sat AM/PM, Sunday Buy Price @FabioCapela
Gift wrapping @Wolfling
Stamina - 10/10 or 0/10

r9 Updated Features

  • Return the "Spawn All" button
  • Added the "Fill Remain" button to only fill empty inventory slot.
  • The "Walk speed" cheat does not apply to swimming. We will need another cheat for that painfully slow swimming.
  • The "Animation speed" cheat is disabled as I do not have the new version yet.
  • The "Collision" cheat has been nerfed due to water. We will need another cheat for better no-cliping.
  • New items and receipes of v1.3.0 added. However, all images is missing. Might update it later with an image pack.
  • The critter spawn of @FabioCapela version has been ported. Now also support "Sea Creature"
    (Disable Spawn = no check, Default = square/half check, Max Spawn = Full checked.)
    Use the same files as Fabio's version.
  • Added a search bar for finding critters.
  • Added a remark to display some "special spawn condition". For example: Coelacanth require you to have catch 100 or more fishes.
  • Added a colored bar as a visual representation of the spawn rate. You can see how the spawn rate compare to each other.
    Blue/Short = Low, Red/Long = High, Green = Especially high, yellow = set to MAX
  • Missing the "special spawn condition" for "Sea Creature"
    If you set a Sea Creature to max spawn but cannot find it, it means you have not met the "special spawn condition". Go catch more other sea creature first.

FabioCapela v4b Features

Download this version here

[Download provided from FabioCapela on GBATemp, thanks!]

Read / write to the following:
  • Pockets P1-P4 (up to 40 slots), Auto / Manual update
  • Home Storage P1-P4 (up to 1600 slots)
  • Recycle Chest (up to 80 slots)
Other features:
  • Custom.csv - Star Fragment Tree included, you can now add your own custom items.
  • Items.csv file, if missing, the software still runs, but gives a warning message and doesn't exit.
  • Recipes working / displaying properly through separate drop-down menu
  • View & edit what's in the shops, Nook's Cranny, Exchange and what the Travelling sales people have on them
  • View & Edit (up to 10) Residents Clothing, had gifted and House contents etc
  • Patterns and Pro-Patterns Load / Save
  • Edit turnip sell prices Mon-Sat, AM/PM, Buy Price Sunday, Visitors Mon-Sun
  • Bugs and Fish spawning - Time 24/7, 10x Frequency
  • Flower genetics
  • Curt Amibo summons
  • Display current number of trees and litter on island.
  • Display Island name and current ACNH Game version
  • Tool Durability
  • Copy item for spawning Right click

Both versions of ACNH Poker listed above can handle Item Trees natively, so I'll describe the process for each.

MyShiLingStar R9

Enter Hex Mode to do Item Trees more easily.

MyShiLingStar R9's Inventory Editing - Click to enlarge

FabioCapela v4b

Do note this version does not support version 1.3.0 currently

FabioCapela v4b's Inventory Editing - Click to enlarge

You only need to input either the Hex ID for the items you want in the branches OR the Decimal ID. You don't need to figure out both.

You will need to reference the Item ID list to place items that aren't Star Fragments in the branches, but it's rather straightforward otherwise.

Items to place on branches

I assembled a nice table of pretty looking items you can place on the branches of the trees other than just Star Fragments. Remember, NHSE takes decimal and (mostly) everything else takes hexadecimal.

Item Name Image Hex ID Decimal ID
Star Fragment 175F 5983
Large Star Fragment 1760 5984
Aquarius Fragment 1762 5986
Pisces Fragment 1763 5987
Aries Fragment 1764 5988
Taurus Fragment 1765 5989
Gemini Fragment 1766 5990
Cancer Fragment 1767 5991
Leo Fragment 1768 5992
Virgo Fragment 1769 5993
Libra Fragment 176A 5994
Scorpius Fragment 176B 5995
Sagittarius Fragment 176C 5996
Capricorn Fragment 1761 5985
Pearl 32A8 12968
Heart Crystal 3102 12546
Birthday Cupcake 0ADB 2779
Acorn 165F 5727
Snowflake 0DD3 3539
Large Snowflake 0DD4 3540
Nook Miles Ticket 16DB 5851
Gold Nugget 09C9 2505